2018 Fall OahuLeague

Welcome to the 2018 Fall Oahuleague Registration Site

Registration will be open from 7/03/2018 to 7/15/2018 (closes at 9:00pm HST on 7/15).

NOTE: Calendar Year Age Groups and New Small-Sided Teams are in Effect

Age Group (No. Players) and Team Fee

06U-08U (4AS)            $225/team
9U/10U (7AS)              $450/team
11U/12U (9AS)            $525/team
13/14U (11AS)             $575/team
15/16U (11AS)             $605/team
17-19U (11AS)            $635/team

League Playing Period:

The league will start on the Weekend of 8/25-8/26 with most games/divisions starting on Sunday, 8/26. As with past seasons, the majority of the games will be played on Sundays. Some Saturday games may be necessary depending upon the number of teams that register for each division. The season will run through 10/28 with the 11/4 weekend used where necessary to complete a division and also for makeup games. Divisions that are Primarily affected by ILH Intermediate will end on 10/14. ILH JV on 10/21. 

Special Requests:
All special requests with regards to scheduling should be included in the comments section of the league application. Some typical areas may include:

  1. Coaching more than 1 team - You need to make sure to complete your team registration as early as possible. Every effort is made to minimize Head Coach conflicts (only done for completed team registrtations), there are times when it is not possible to avoid them especially for those coaches listed on 3, 4 or more teams.
  2. School Soccer Conflicts - if your team will not be able to play after the start of OIA or ILH soccer, please note this in the comments. Also, you need to note what specific level will impact your team. For example, start of OIA GJV, OIA GV, OIA BV, ILH GINT, ILH BINT, ILH GJV, ILH BJV, ILH GV or ILH BV.
  3. Byes for travel - the league allows teams to miss 1 weekend of games for travel to off-island soccer tournaments. You need to identify the event and dates with your application.
  4. Other Requests - other requests for special consideration like only playing on a certain day, playing at a certain time, requests for schedule relief due to player conflicts, etc... are generally considered in the schedule on a best effort basis with no guarantees to the level that your request will be accommodated.


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